SeaCHANGE: The Art of Navigating Transition

You're going through a life transition: you're changing careers or moving cities or becoming a mother 

(or maybe you just know something needs to change, but you're not sure what)

But this transition is so much more than a different job title or address or a family.

This transition is also about becoming who you are.

Because you've come to the realization that you're no longer interested in societally-defined markers of "success"

and you want to chart your own path.

What you're experiencing is a transition into alignment between the life you're living and your deepest values, desires, and purpose.  

It's a desire to live authentically, courgeously.

It happens most often when you realize that you've been doing things, saying things, agreeing to things, and believing things that are not authentically you. You get the overwhelming feeling that you're doing what you should be doing...but it doesn't take long before you can lose where you end and where the expectations, preferences and beliefs of others begin. 

Though it varies from woman to woman, misalignment might look like

a successful career that is sucking your life force

a life overburdened with chaos and full calendars

a body that is being neglected and unloved

a relationship that is draining and unfulfilling

For so many women, going through this transition is very isolating

And yet I see this experience in so many women I work with, I've become convinced it's a movement.

 A rising up.

SeaCHANGE, when you think of the tides, the natural rising and falling of the ocean over the course of a month, a year, is a gravitational, undeniable process of shift. 

I feel the same way about the transformation I've witnessed in the women I work with. They too feel an almost gravitational pull toward alignment and authenticity in their lives, and I deeply believe that women supported in this process of claiming their true natures despite what society tells them they should be are, too, one of earth's most powerful forces.

But transformation can feel pretty gnarly.

It's complex.

At this point in your life, you've probably got a lot of things - a career, a mortgage, kids, a partner - relying on you to stay the same.

And yet,

you are being called.

That's why I created SeaCHANGE: The Art of Navigating Transition.

SeaCHANGE offers tangible solutions for times of complex change; guiding steps in this unknown, liminal space, a sense of community, and validation that your experience is real, meaningful, and okay...

...and so much more:

Rich, diverse content

SeaCHANGE is a self-paced program that draws upon mythology, neuroscience, adult development psychology, somatics, and coaching, as well as upon ancient ritual, intuition and a little bit of magic.

Eight engaging modules

 You'll journey through eight modules of engaging content that will help you navigate the transition you’re experiencing in your life right now

Multiple modalities

You'll receive an abundance of program materials, including 8 videos, 8 modules of written content, dozens of self-coaching questions, 8 workbooks, guided meditations, visualizations and other amazing resources

Lifetime access and bonus resources

 You'll have lifetime access to all program materials, including updates as the program evolves. You'll also get a bundle of bonus materials including a beautifully appointed and regularly updated resource page, 6 incredible interviews with world-renowned coaches, adventurers, yogis, intuitives and healers, and additional readings to help guide you on your path, and other powerful coaching resources.

Community support

 You'll get access to SeaCHANGE Sisterhood, a private, supportive Facebook community for program participants to access support, ask questions, and find inspiration

Professional Coaching Support 

 When sign up for SeaCHANGE, you'll also have the opportunity to schedule one 1:1 coaching call during the time you're working through the program, to help you to continue to consolidate what you're learning.

SeaCHANGE is more than a framework for exploring alignment in your life. This program shepherds you through beautifully written content and exquisitely curated resources that support women in their alignment journey.  

Jessie is deeply committed to quality and it shows. The alignment exercises are based in her in depth research into the science of alignment, with a generous helping of ritual to support your spirit. 

-- Jennifer

I found this program to be exceptionally helpful. As a woman who is currently experiencing and being treated for PTSD, SeaCHANGE introduced me to idea of settling in and being ok within the process of change. That it was normal to be in transition and encouraged me to take my time through the transition. The encouragement to not rush through transition and to embrace it is one of the biggest take away lessons from this course.

-- Robyn

SeaCHANGE helped me remember little bits of myself that were lost in shuffle after becoming a mama of two. I was able to realign my values and really dig deep to see what new values come with motherhood.

SeaCHANGE made me excited to take time for myself which in turn has helped make me feel more relaxed, lighter, and calm. As a mother it's often easy to let your self-care fall to the wayside when caring for others and trying to find balance. I love how my perspective has shifted since starting this program.

-- Amber

Here's what you're getting... 

Part One 

  • In this module, you'll learn more about the process of transitioning into alignment, including the five steps toward alignment that women tend to go through
  • You'll also have the opportunity to get access to the online support portion of the program, and begin to meet other women who are going through a similar experience

Part Two

  • In module two, you'll explore Who You Are: yes you may be a mother, employee, partner, friend, or community member, but who are YOU...just you? This module is a space and a time to be totally authentic and re-learn who you are and how you want to be in the world
  • You'll create a list of core values and a purpose statement for your life, do a powerful Aligned Child Visualization, and listen to one of my Wise Women friends on (re)claiming your identity during times of transition

Part Three

  • In module three, you'll address an aspect of life transition that often gets overlooked and very often holds us back: Loss and Letting Go. As you navigate transition in your life, you're also leaving behind an aspect of yourself or your life.
  • You'll explore what you are ready to let go of, learn a beautiful releasing ritual to support you to do this work, and listen to a Wise Woman speak on the sometimes challenging topic of grief 

Part Four 

  • In this module, you'll use the Alignment Inventory to discover what areas of your life feel misaligned, and create Tiny Experiments to explore what might feel more authentic to you in a way that feels safe and do-able
  • You'll find support to implement small, incremental changes that feel truly authentic. Broad, sweeping shifts rooted in “shoulds” are what got you to a place of misalignment in the first place, and so coming into alignment must be an intentional process that is deeply connected and connecting
  • You'll also do an incredible Body Compass Visualization that will help you to detect areas of misalignment in your life anytime, anywhere

Part Five

  •  This three-part module will help you feel supported through the transition you're going through. You’ll explore the concept of deeply meaningful, Resilient Self-Care, learn how to harness your intuition and become your own psychic, and learn ways to help you navigate this transition in relationship with the people closest to you
  • This module is chock full of resources including a Wise Self Visualization to help you tap into you intuition, and an amazing interview on transitioning your relationship as you transition your life

Part Six 

  • In this module, you'll take the results of your Tiny Experiments and take tangible steps toward deeper alignment in a way that is rooted in authenticity and your felt-sense, not “shoulds” or “goal crushing.”
  • This is truly where meaningful change in your life begins to catalyze, and you'll be supported every step along the way

Part Seven 

  • The final step into alignment is sometimes the hardest: it's the time when you must summon the courage to take a Leap, and surrender to what might happen next. 
  • You'll receive tangible tools to help you muster the courage to make changes toward more alignment, get friendly with the fears and thoughts that might be holding you back, and receive support to help you let go of the outcome

Part Eight 

  • This module might be the most important of them all: it is the support you need to be able to find alignment confidently on a day-to-day basis, and support others in your life to do the same
  • This is also a great time to talk about Bonuses! As a SeaCHANGE participant, you'll have access to an extensive Alignment Resource List, 1:1 coaching opportunity, a closed and supportive Facebook group, and four amazing resources to help you transform your relationship, connect to your inner goddess, find more hours in your day, and schedule alignment into your weeks. 

SeaCHANGE will support you as you navigate the complexity of what it means to be in transition.

This is nothing less than the deep work of identity shift. 

No one tells you how to do this, and there is loss, grieving and surrender alongside the elation of uncovering authenticity and the setting and achieving of goals. 

This is one of the things that is different about this program: the heady work of transformation is rooted in the full reality of what this process means to you.

SeaCHANGE will truly hold you in your process, meet you where you are, invite complexity and support you to sit in that space of liminality.

As women emerge from this incredible transition, they talk about feeling 






They feel like they’ve stopped constantly striving for the sake of striving, and they talk about feeling truly alive again.

“You know when you’re standing in the truth of who you are: it feels like home. You know what you’re meant to do, there’s almost a power you can feel.” --Terra

Hi, I'm Jessie.

I want to help you feel like you have a roadmap to follow as you navigate your way through transition and into greater alignment in your life.

SeaCHANGE will help you to feel like yourself again.

I'm so proud and excited to bring you this program, which is the accumulation of everything I’ve learned from working with women who are experiencing life transition over the last nine years of my career.

I hold a degree in Neuroscience, a Masters of Health Promotion, and I'm a certified professional life coach.

But mostly, I am an avid holder-of-space and truth-seeker. Having been through the process of transitioning into alignment myself, I want to support you to do the same, in a way that feels empowering and exciting.

I was familiar with Jessie’s work on alignment and had previously completed some of her alignment exercises. Because I had an understanding of the concepts and had applied some of them in my life, I wondered what more I would learn in this program. SeaCHANGE takes alignment to a much deeper level. It feels like the natural culmination of all of this work to date. Beautifully written and curated, the program's eight parts guide you through self exploration, loss and letting go and making change. I was discovered that, although I had explored alignment in my life, I hadn’t processed the letting go necessary to move forward. Jessie has studied and researched and developed a framework for increasing alignment that can be applied to any part of your life.


Getting to the nitty gritty of where my thoughts and heart are at through this alignment work + coaching has been amazing. Jessie has a soul-opening, no bullshit approach to figuring out how to transform your life.

It's been so beautiful to connect and share with women feeling as lost, vulnerable, passionate and rebellious as me.


Questions you may have about the program...

How will the program be delivered? What do I need to complete this program?

SeaCHANGE is offered as an eight-module online program with one additional 1:1 coaching call for support. There is also a closed Facebook group for participants of the program. SeaCHANGE materials consist of online written materials, fillable and printable PDFs, and Dropbox-based audio and PDF files. To complete this program you'll need a computer with internet connection. It is also of benefit to have access to Facebook and a printer.

I’ve already done the Alignment Starter Kit. How is this different?

SeaCHANGE is the "what's next" after the Alignment Starter Kit. It will help you expand on the sense of alignment you've begun to find in your life, truly facilitating deep and empowered transformation.

I’m terrible at self-paced programs. How do I know I’ll complete this work?

This is indeed "big work," and sometimes we cannot rush the organic unfolding process that true life transition can take. There are no "shoulds" here, and no pressure. To keep you on track, though, there are plenty of accountability measures in place to support you to complete this work. You will be able to check in regularly on the Facebook group. You may even want to pair up with another participant as an accountability partner.

What kind of support will I get as I go through this program?

You'll receive my support as well as the support of all the participants in the closed Facebook group for SeaCHANGE. You will also have the opportunity to participate in a 1:1 coaching conversation so that you can share and feel supported in your process. You will also be supported with any technical challenges you may encounter.

How is SeaCHANGE different than 1:1 coaching with you?

SeaCHANGE is a self-paced, 8 module online program aimed to support you during a shift in your life, and to help you make that shift in a way that brings you closer into alignment with yourself. There are very specific modules on topics like deciphering your values, what feels misaligned in your life currently, letting go of what’s not working for you, setting small goals to help you feel more aligned, self-care, and navigating changes to your relationships. 1:1 coaching will support you to dive even deeper into your very unique process of transition and alignment-seeking. We each navigate this process in a complex web of life circumstances, relationships and personal histories and patterns. Coaching can help you delve into these, exploring how they are impacting your ability to find alignment and, ultimately, fulfillment. In addition, coaching may narrow in specifically on your intention for transition in one particular area of your life, like starting a business, leaving a relationship, or becoming a mother, for example.

I have another question…

Just email me at jessie(at)nalumana(dot)com! I would be happy to answer your questions.

“thresholds are liminal spaces – an in-between of time and space, taking us to the outskirts of what we know, beyond the borders and boundaries of familiar ground. Stepping into this void acknowledges a dissolution of the old order, a turning upside down of your life. It is a profound dislocation, terrifying but also a sacred space that makes room for new energies to enter and transform. At times like this, recurring throughout life, we need every ounce of courage, every helpful ally, human, animal, spirit.” –Marilyn Steele, PhD