MotherSHIFT: The Art of Transitioning to Motherhood

Imagine if we saw motherhood as a sacred Rite of Passage that allowed women to access their deepest power.  

Because motherhood asks us to open our hearts in a way we’ve never done before, and because in all of the challenges there are equally as many moments of awe, love, connection and tenderness,  

we mamas require some support, some holding, as we journey fully into motherhood.  

It’s a transformation that starts at the conception of a child  

but we are mistaken to believe that the transformation into motherhood is complete when our babies are born.  

In fact, the rite of passage into motherhood is only just beginning.

Becoming a mother is so much more than just birthing a human (which is, of course, a fairly superhuman feat in and of itself). 

As you birth your baby, you are also birthing yourself. You, as mother, will become a different person than you were before having a child.  

Becoming a mother is a total identity shift.  

In cultures long ago and far away, women were ushered through the transition to motherhood with the support of a community of other women, with ritual and ceremony to celebrate their shifting lives.

But today, this incredibly important life transition is not protected and revered in the way it once was. We rush to "get back to normal" and often struggle with loneliness, sadness and a sense of feeling lost.

That's why I created MotherSHIFT: The Art of Transitioning to Motherhood .

MotherSHIFT offers tangible solutions for times of complex change; guiding steps in this unknown, liminal space, a sense of community, and validation that your experience is real, meaningful, and okay...

...and so much more:

Rich, diverse content

MotherSHIFT is a self-paced program that draws upon mythology, neuroscience, adult development psychology, somatics, and coaching, as well as upon ancient ritual, intuition and a little bit of magic.

Eight engaging modules

 You'll journey through eight modules of engaging content that will help you navigate your transition into motherhood, whether it's your first time or your fourth.

Multiple modalities

You'll receive an abundance of program materials, including 8 videos, 8 modules of written content, self-coaching questions, 5 workbooks, guided meditations, visualizations and other amazing resources.

Lifetime access and bonus resources

 You'll have lifetime access to all program materials, including updates as the program evolves. You'll also get a bundle of bonus materials including additional readings to help guide you on your path, and other powerful coaching resources.

Community support

 You'll get access to a private, supportive Facebook community specifically for MotherSHIFT program participants to access support, ask questions, and find inspiration.

Here's what you're getting... 

Part One 

  •  In this module, you'll learn more about the process of transitioning into motherhood, including how other cultures deeply honour this process. You'll also learn about The Heroine's Journey as a framework for thinking about your transition. 
  •  You'll get access to the online support portion of the program, and begin to meet other women who are experiencing the same transition in their lives.

Part Two

  •  In module two, you'll explore the changes that have happened in your life since you became a mama, and how you feel about them.
  •  You'll create an inventory of the feelings you've been feeling, the relationships that have been changing, the ways in which life is different now. This work will form the blueprint of your transformation.

Part Three

  • In module three, you'll address an aspect of the transition to motherhood that often gets overlooked and very often holds us back: Loss and Surrender. As you navigate your new identity as mama, you're also leaving behind many aspects of yourself or your former life.
  • You'll explore what you are ready to let go of, and learn a beautiful releasing ritual to support you to do this work.

Part Four 

  • In this module, you'll dive deeper into your sense of who you are, especially now that you're a mother. Like many new mamas, you may have been feeling lost and unsure of yourself.
  •  You'll complete your own Momifesto, a declaration of who you are as a mother, and as a woman who happens to be a mother.

Part Five

  •  In this module, you’ll explore the concept of deeply meaningful, Resilient Self-Care, something that so many mamas struggle with.
  •  You'll learn the concept of Micro Self-Care, and discover how you can include this into your days with more ease.

Part Six 

  • In this module, you'll find out more about the Gifts of Motherhood. Because motherhood is not only about a change in your identity: it initiates you into a you into an all-knowing cadre of deeply attuned women. With motherhood, your intuition and your connection to your physical body become heightened into superpowers.
  •  You'll learn tangible ways to tap into your intuition and body wisdom, and experience two beautiful guided visualizations to support your process.

Part Seven 

  •  In this module, you'll explore one of the most valuable resources you can cultivate to support your transition into motherhood: Community.
  •  In addition to the online support of other MotherSHIFT participants, you'll find ways to connect with other likeminded women, building a powerful network of support for yourself and others.

Part Eight 

  • This module might be the most important of them all: it is the support you need to be able to continue to navigate this transition confidently. You'll also explore what you have to offer other women who are going through the same thing.

Hi, I'm Jessie.

I want to help you to navigate your transition into motherhood in a way that leaves you feeling confident, empowered, and deeply transformed.

MotherSHIFT will help you to explore who you are as a mother, and as a woman who happens to be a mother.

I'm so proud and excited to bring you this program, which is the accumulation of everything I’ve learned from working with birthing women and mothers over the last nine years of my career.

I am a doula and breastfeeding educator, and I hold a degree in Neuroscience, a Masters of Health Promotion, and I'm a certified professional life coach. Perhaps most importantly, I am a mother of two.

Having been through the process of transitioning into motherhood twice myself, I want to help you to navigate this life shift in a way that supports you in the same way I was so crucially supported during this time in my life.

Questions you may have about the program...

How long is this program? Can I do it at my own pace?  

MotherSHIFT consists of eight modules. As a MotherSHIFT participant, you'll have lifetime access to the program and any changes or updates that might occur during that time period. The program is entirely self-paced. This is big work you're doing, and it's important that you can pick it up, or leave it and return to it whenever you like.  

What is expected from me in the program?  

You can commit to doing this work in any way that fits your life. There is no *set* amount of time that I would recommend setting aside for each module: sometimes we are ready to answer big questions and make big shifts in a short duration, and sometimes a seemingly simple self-coaching exercise can stop us in our tracks. Also, you’re a new mom. Myself and EVERYONE else in this program TOTALLY get that. There are no shoulds or must-do’s here. Not a one. You can turn to the readings and exercises in this program when your baby has fallen asleep in her carseat and you don’t want to wake her up, during late-night feedings, or on the rare occasion that you’re able to drink a hot cup of coffee and get a little time to yourself. If it’s possible, I find that making a bit of a ritual out of doing work like this helps: maybe there’s a space or time of day when you can regularly visit this program, jot down a few notes, read something that might be inspirational, or check in in the MotherSHIFT Facebook group. No matter how you choose to engage with this material, it is my sincere hope that you find it delightful, that it feels like a space of refuge in the day-to-day of early motherhood, and that you feel safe, held and nourished here.  

What can I expect from you?  

I am available to you via email throughout the duration of this course, should you have any questions or aha moments or would like to provide feedback. In the MotherSHIFT Facebook group, my intention is to pop in there a few times a week to touch base, answer questions and check in.  

I don't do well with self-paced programs. I'm worried I won't complete this program without some accountability and structure. What should I do?  

I totally understand! Self-paced programs are a godsend for some and a challenge for others. If you feel you would like some extra accountability as you work your way through this program, ask your sisters in the program Facebook group for some support in this way. We'd be happy to check in with you on a regular basis, and to be a sounding board for you as you complete each module of the course.  

What do I require to complete this program?  

You need a computer hooked up to the internet to complete the bulk of the program material. You may find that you need some regular time and space carved out for yourself to make it easier to commit to this work. Each workbook in the program comes in both fillable PDF format and regular, printable PDF; you may find having access to a printer to print these workbooks out is the way you want to use them.  

I have another question…

Just email me at jessie(at)nalumana(dot)com! I would be happy to answer your questions.

“There are no two ways about it: a mother must be mothered in mothering her own offspring. Though a woman has an inalienable spiritual and physical bond with her offspring, in the world of the instinctual Wild Woman, she does not just suddenly become a fully formed temporal mother all by herself…for eons this role was served by the older women of the tribe or village. These human “goddess mothers” constituted an essential female-to-female nutritional system that nourished the young mothers in particular, teaching them how to nourish the psyches and souls of their young in return” -Clarissa Pinkola Estes